I’ve started an Instagram account as I’m finding it quite handy for adding short tests that would otherwise gather dust on my HD. Come and have a peek!



A few recent gifs I’ve been making during the course of various projects. An excellent way of testing reaction and find it’s a good use of R&D that otherwise wouldn’t get seen! Hope you like them 😀

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LightWave 3d Newsletters!

My showreel has made it into LightWave 3d’s Jan 2016 newsletter. Thank you LW3DG! I also got a nice little feature back in October, too…..

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Showreel Intro WIP

Showreel Build WIP

Work in progress of a showreel intro.

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Sinfini Music Playlists

Sinfini Music Playlists for Apple Music and Spotify

A break from motion graphics and back to graphic design for Sinfini Music.

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Kazam Tornado 455L Product Film

Nice little 3D job for My Little Eye TV.

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LightWave 3D Page Flips

Page flips with control over the rotation and page offset speeds. Really effective if you have hundreds of pages!

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A Little R&D Time

Blur Magazine Issue 41

Blur Magazine

Very flattered to be included alongside some fantastic artists in Issue 41 of Blur Magazine, taken from my photography blog My Month in Plastic. Link above, it’s gorgeous!

Exminster Benches
Band Stand
Beach Figures
Chiswick Snow
Deck Chairs
Plastic Anger

Joys of Analogue…

I’ve been rescanning some old negatives for my feature in Blur Magazine. Photoshop’s Spot Heal tool saved the day – they’ve scrubbed up nicely! Here’s a taster…

Exciting news! Very happy to say that some of my My Month In Plastic photography will be featured in Issue 41 of the brilliant Blur Magazine! More details soon.


Showreel Opener

Finally! WIP on a Showreel intro/outro in Illustrator. A little way to go yet before animation.

Me.. My.. You.. We.. Tube

I’ve created an YouTube Channel! It’s basically for R&D, a handy place to put loose ends rather than clutter up Vimeo. There’s a few quick 3D tutorials and I’ll be adding more motions graphics stuff along the way.

The lovely people at LightWave 3D have included my One Direction work in their 2014 Newsletter! Take a little look.

NIKE Flashrun

I created a few motion graphics elements for a NIKE Flashrun promo. Very fast turn around but looks good!


My Month in Plastic Photography

Finally getting my photography site together –

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Work on LightWave 3d Showreel

Very happy to have work included along side some fantastic artists on LightWave 3D’s official 2014 Showreel! Heston’s Fantastical Food and MTV’s Super Base Beats get a little outing, made when working with the lovely Pete&Tom.

LightWave 3d

Showreel Intro

I’ve begun work on a little Showreel intro. It’s very early stages!

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LightWave 3D: Animated Lathe Tutorial

I’ve made a little tutorial on how to generate an animated lathe using LightWave 3D. It’s very quick and easy to setup and allows for a lot of creative “fiddling”.

Lubitel – Beach
Lubitel – Love from Waist Level

Lubitel Lovin’

By total chance, I found I’ve had a photo published in Lomography’s “Love from Waist Level“.

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