David Bowie, A New Career in a New Town, Unboxing

I’m very happy to show this unboxing animation, designed to promote the 3rd in a series of super lovely, deluxe box sets – David Bowie, A New Career in a New Town.

Working from print files, reference image and supplied script, a detailed storyboard was created, hi-lighting the exact box set contents, order in which the albums are packaged and other points of interest. A couple of nods to videos from the period are also included.

Once the 3d models were built, textured and rigged (finding a solid workflow for those nice folds was harder than first predicted!) and the booklet, include all its pages, was built everything fell into place nicely.

A very enjoyable project that I’m very pleased to have been involved with.

LightWave 3d was used for the 3d elements, compositing and additional effects were made in After Effects.

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