George Harrison, The Apple Years

An exclusive DVD to accompany The Apple Years 1968-75 boxset release. The DVD menus where created under the direction of Dhani Harrison, who I was lucky enough to work with on A Concert for George and The Dark House Years, among others.

Initial assets supplied was simply a single photo. Taking this I pitched a more abstract animation. It’s a little rough but I’ve included it at the end as I quite like the direction it could have taken, before arriving at the final design.

Nice little project with a quick 5 day turnaround. The options look huge here as I built it in HD and resized for DVD after editing together. The fireplace is mapped to 3d geometry meaning I could move around in 3d space without it looking flat. This was built in LightWave 3d and exported, comped in After Effects, using Element 3d to import the fireplace. Glows and blurs were created using Red Giant Softwares rather nice Universe suite.

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