One Direction, Where We Are

Had the great pleasure of being asked to create the motion graphics and UI for the Blu-Ray and DVD release of One Direction’s Where We Are movie.

The brief was to design menus incorporating opening concert screen footage and the lovely song projection animations by Munky and artwork design, created by Fluid. Five separate menu sets where created, one for each member of the band, so the user can customise their experience by choosing the menus for their favourite band member.

This was a big project so a lot of time was spent getting storyboards exactly right, nailing the look and feel and making sure there were no surprises further down the line in animation. It made the sign off process a lot smoother towards the end.

After Effects was used for the motion graphics and comping, LightWave 3d for some of the Polaroids, dynamics additional 3d elements. Premiere was the last stop for editing everything together and comping menu options on top.

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